Identity Management: How to Pick the Right Solution

26 Jun

Picking an identity management solution can have a huge impact on your IT environment and ultimately, on your business as a whole. If you make the wrong choice, the consequences can be technically and financially challenging.

First things first, you need to know your needs. Do you want to ensure that users are who they claim they are? If so, a more vanilla solution will be just perfect.  Make sure to find out more here!

Are you particular about how super-user credentials are used? If you’re more meticulous about the strength of their credentials, go with privileged access management.

Stressing about entitlement creep? How digital capabilities are distributed and maintained? Defining your needs means defining your solution.

After listing down your needs, your next move is to balance the level of security against the user experience you want to provide. You do need your users to be able to use the system as frictionlessly as possible. According to lots of research, excessive friction in the identity process can make you lose business in a B2C environment, and may even drive your staff to create workarounds that may end up putting your entire system at risk. Moreover, too much friction can be a sign of a lack of knowledge of your IT environment, opening you up to attacks. Then again, if each entry point in your system is secured with the right identity solution, hackers can be deterred. Hackers will probably rather find an easier target instead of spending time pounding on your defenses. Check this company to know more!

To help you find that tricky balance between a secure network and quality user experience, ask yourself these questions:

What is the best way to deploy the identity solution on my business? Do I want tough security all throughout the network? Would I be comfortable with a layered approach in which main network entry is easier but vital databases will be locked up tight with multilevel authentication?

How much difficulty can my workers or customers stand before they try to circumvent my identity solution or skip me for my competitor? Must I change some things about my business to raise their tolerance levels? Which authentication protocols should I consider obligatory? Am I being reasonable with the factors involved in my authentication process for my employees and/or customers?

By knowing your needs and reconciling your security requirements with your need for good user experience, you can have an identity management solution that works as a tool for attaining your business goals. You will find a good number of options nowadays, which means there will be many to review and compare. Keep in mind that this is the only accurate way to find the true right solution for you. To gain more knowledge on the importance of management, go to

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